With hands that "listen" I work with the client to find the "right"
pressure, transforming tight muscles while allowing space for 
the tissue to fully relax.  The effect is often one of a therapeutic, 
nurturing, and profoundly relaxing experience.  My background
as a ballet and modern dancer contributes to my kinesthetic 
understanding of the muscles and connective tissue as I work
not only at the site of pain or tightness, but also muscle groups
that may be pulling in the opposite direction.  The muscle and 
tendon connections around joints are also areas that receive 
particular attention in my sessions.  I strive to educate my 
clients:  offering suggestions for stretches and other practices they can do at home, as well as other health care modalities/massage styles that they may find helpful.​ The intention and foundation of my work is to invite the client's attention and presence to their body, a feeling of integration, of "catching up" to oneself, a restful haven for body and spirit.

Credentials:Brian Utting School of Massage-graduated 1991
WA state lic # MA00005405 

Phone:  206.607.7034
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   Phone:    206.607.7034
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