"Katey is not only highly technically skilled, she is also energetically aware and emotionally sensitive.  One of the best massage therapists in Seattle!"  (client)

"I want to tell you that you did a great job (with my patient).Your work really has aided in her recovery"  (chiropractor)

"As an LMP, I really appreciate the attention to my specific needs.  'Self- care' day is always a treat with Katey.  Thanks!"  (client/LMP) 

"This is the best massage I have ever, ever, ever had!"  (client)

"Katey's massage was amazing.  She listened to exactly what I need(ed). (She) did bodywork in all the appropriate areas and intuitively healed my body.  I feel fantastic.  Thank you."  (client)

"...your professionalism and expertise was just what the dr. ordered."(client)

"Katey was professional, kind, and is a wonderful massager.  I thank you, Katey!  Many blessings to you.  I would recommend you to anyone."  (client) 

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Phone: 206.607.7034
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